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23 Jun 2020

Best Smartwatch Under 5000 in October 2020

Smartwatch can be called as the gadgets of the decade with its rapidly growing demand for smart choices.  This luxurious item has evolved into a basic necessity in today’s life.  In today, find the best smartwatches under 5000 is obviously a very hard task. And it also becomes the first choice for people of all ages. 

The reason is that this advanced technology will go a long way in enhancing your lifestyle. With a smartwatch, you can easily do all the important tasks of mobile.  It also monitors your health, like sleep monitoring, step count, etc. Here we can find the best smartwatch under 5000 in Octobor  2020.

After doing a lot of research in the online store, we are recommending some of the best budget smartwatches for you that you can buy in India under Rs 5,000.

Best Smartwatch Under 5000

Below is a detailed discussion of the Best Smartwatch under 5000. There are some good aspects and some bad aspects of these products, we have tried to cover them as well.

Best Smartwatch Under 5000

1. Amazfit Bip Lite Smartwatch :

Introduction :

This is a toned-down version of Amazfit BIP and has a similar design. The device has a display for apps and other functions of the smartwatch. This waterproof smartwatch features up to 45 days of battery life (190mah), Fitness tracking, Heart rate, steps count, etc. On the wear-ability side, this smartwatch has lightweight and very comfortable to wear day and night.

Design and Build Quality :

The Amazfit BIP lite smartwatch has a Rectangular shaped flat dial design with a strap made out of silicone and a 1.28-inch reflective display with coring Gorilla Glass 3. There is a single button on the right side which is the wake/back button. It also seems to have an oleophobic coating which helps keep fingerprints off.
At the back, it has a heart-rate sensor and two pins for charging. This smartwatch brand uses a proprietary charger for this device. It’s quite large and looks like a dock for the watch to rest in while its chargers.

Features :

All the notifications from your smartphone are conveniently displayed on the smartwatch. You can receive notifications for incoming calls, emails, messages, and other apps.
This smartwatch features like step count, heart rate monitor, compass, alarm clock, etc. You can track daily activities and sports like indoor and outdoor running, walking, and cycling.

Workout Motivation :

Amazfit Bip smartwatch provides detailed sports tracking for outdoor running, walking and also cycling. Your daily activity tracking with daily steps, calories which motivates you to be more active every day.

Battery :

Amazfit BIP lite features 45 days battery life which is too good. The smartwatches screen is on continuously, allowing users to access its features simply by lifting their wrist. The reflective screen display makes sure that you can sue your watch without struggling with bright rays of sunlight.

Specifications :

Brand – Amazfit
Screen Size -  1.28 Inches
Display Resolution - 1280 x 1024 (SXGA)
Item Height - 7.5 Centimeters
Item Weight - 31.8 g
Item Width - 8.5 Centimeters
Product Dimensions - 8.5 x 8.5 x 7.5 cm
Batteries - 45 days battery life
Operating System - IOS & Android

  1. Comfortable design
  2. Impressive battery life
  3. Affordable
  4. Accurate activity tracking

  1. No app support
  2. Can’t reply to notifications

2. Muzili Smartwatch :

Introduction :

Muzili Smartwatch is another best budget fitness tracker under 5000 segments. Start your day with every fitness activity, this best smartwatch is build to make you all day active and fit. This smartwatch comes with a 1.3″ colorful touch screen with 45 days long-lasting battery life to give you its best class service.

Design and Build Quality :

The Muzili Smartwatch has a 1.3" large clock screen with 4 stylish clock faces. This smartwatch very lightweight and very stylish look in hand with brightness adjustment.

There are 4 clock faces for you to choose from. Different styles match your different moods. You can also check the display screen clearly in the sun by adjusting its brightness. This smartwatch features also a full touch screen.

Features :

This smartwatch can monitor your heart rate automatically every 5 minutes all day. You can manually track your real-time heart rate on the watch. And also automatically monitor and analyze your sleep quality all day and provide you with deep sleep, light sleep, and wake up time. Also, control your cell phone's music easily when you are on the go or your phone is not handy. 

The vibration alert motivates you to move when you have been sitting too long, this smartwatch is very suitable for the office worker. Or if you would like to get relax for a while, the Muzili smartwatch would help you find moments of calm by training your breath.

Find Your Phone :

If your phone is connected with your smartwatch then you can easily find your phone when you forget where have you put your phone.

Battery :

This device features you a Super Long Battery Life with Brightness Adjustable. This watch can work up to 10 days of usage time or 30 days standby time after 2.5 hours of charging with the magnetic charging method. This watch has 3 levels of brightness for you to choose from. It can be seen clearly in the sun.

Specifications :

Brand - Muzili
Item Weight - 104 g
Product Dimensions - 25 x 3.7 x 1.2 cm
Connectivity technologies - Wireless
Special features - IP68 Waterproof, Find Phone, Wrist Sensor

Pros :
  1. 4 stylish clock face
  2. Multifunction smartwatch & IP68 Waterproof
  3. Heart rate & sleep monitor & 10 days working time
  4. Find your phone from your smartwatch

Cons :
  1. 6-month warranty which is low as compared to other smartwatches in this price range

3.  Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Smartwatch :

Introduction :

ColorFit Pro 2 is the latest smartwatch with a stylish new design and a gorgeous 1.3" full touch color display. It isn't all good looks though, because ColorFit Pro 2 has much better health and activity tracking, 9 sports modes, and all the smartwatch features you can think of, from call, text, and social media notifications to music control on your smartphone. ColorFit Pro 2 can do so much more and yet it has amazing 10-day battery life.

Design and Build Quality :

The Noise Colorfit Pro 2 is very soft and skin-friendly with a silicone strap smartwatch. This square-shaped dial smartwatch has a metallic trim to enhance the premium feel of this smartwatch.

The brilliant 1.3" color display is now full capacitive touch, supporting taps and swipes, so it is easy to read and operate. The strong polycarbonate case makes the ColorFit Pro 2 featherlight on your wrist and is available in 4 beautiful colors with matching swappable straps.

Features :

This smartwatch features 24x7 heart rate monitoring with the built-in optical HR monitor that measures your heart rate every five minutes. 9 sports modes to cover all your activities, whether you walk, run, hike, bike, treadmill, work-out, climb, spin, or perform yoga.

You can sweat as much as you like and even wear the ColorFit Pro 2 in the rain, thanks to its IP68 waterproof rating.

Complete activity and health tracking with sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, step tracking, sedentary alarm, and calories burned. , Optional menstrual tracking for women takes the guesswork out of cycle tracks. Track your health and fitness details for the past 2 weeks and see an overview for the last 30 days in the dedicated app, Noisefit – Android users & Noisefit Sport -iOS users.

Battery Life :

The Noise Colorfit Pro 2 packs in a 400mAh rechargeable li-ion battery With up to ten-day battery life, ColorFit Pro 2 can go for more than a week without needing to be charged via the included magnetic charger.

Specifications :

Brand - Noise
Model - ColorFit Pro 2
Item Weight - 36.3 g
Product Dimensions - 4.1 x 3.6 x 1.2 cm
Compatible Devices - Android and iOS
Additional Features - Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep & Step Tracking, Multi-Sport Modes 
Screen Size - 1.33 Inches
Battery Average Life - 240 Hours

Pros :
  1. Lightweight & stylish-looking
  2. 9 sports modes
  3. An additional feature of menstrual tracking
  4. High-quality display
Cons :
  1. The watch bezel is quite big (on top & bottom)

4. Huami Amazfit Bip S Smart Watch :

Introduction :

The Amazfit Bip S is designed to be more powerful than the previous generation, thanks to the revolutionary design of the watch materials and manufacturing process, while remaining ultra-lightweight. With only 31 grams with the watch band, the watch is very comfortable to wear while doing sport or sleeping.

Design and Build Quality :

The Amazfit Bip S has a 1.28-inch transflective color TFT screen, protected by the 2.5D curved Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with an anti-fingerprint coating. The highlights of the smartwatch, as it a transflective screen and it looks great even under direct lighting conditions and does not use backlight under the direct sunlight, it's improving the battery life of this device.

Though the display is great, it does have thick bezels on all four sides of the screen which looks very good, and even there is a big Amazfit branding which the company could have avoided to give this watch a more seamless look. And there is a single button on the right side that offers multiple options.

Features :

The Amazfit Bip S has a simplistic UI based on the Amazfit OS. Swiping from right to left will reveal the music player, step tracker, heart-rate sensor, and weather information. Swiping from top to bottom will reveal control shortcuts and swiping from bottom to top will reveal active notifications.

It is easy to access these options and the touch screen is also responsive. Pressing the home button twice will reveal an additional menu that offers a range of workout profiles, alarm, compass, settings, and timer.

The Amazfit Bip S is a fitness tracker and the options included in the watch convey the same. The watch as a GPS tracker made by Sony with support for GPS + GLONASS and can offer up to 22 hours of continuous GPS connectivity on a single charge.

Battery :

The Amazfit Bip S packs in a li-ion battery With up to 40-day battery life.

Specifications :

Brand - Amazfit
Item Height - 11 Millimeters
Item Width - 35 Millimeters
Item Weight - 31.8 g
Screen Size - 1.28 Inches
Product Dimensions - 4.2 x 3.5 x 1.1 cm
Operating System - IOS & Android
Average Battery Life - 960 Hours

Pros :
  1. Good Battery Life
  2. Additional features like the Compass sensor
  3. The smartwatch uses 20mm common model straps
  4. For notification, Amazfit Bip use vibration only
Cons :
  1. Unable to reply to messages directly

5. Lenovo Carme Smartwatch :

Introduction :

Bring home this smartwatch from Lenovo and adopt a fit lifestyle. Featuring a pedometer and a 24-hour heart-rate monitor, this smartwatch helps you track your physical activity and your heart rate to help you ensure that you stay healthy like a horse.

Design and Build Quality :

The Lenovo Carme has a bulky square-shaped smartwatch. This device looks like premium quality and the watch feels rugged and more stylish.

This smartwatch comes with a 2.5D Curved Surface design. No blind angle prevents light from refracting, The screen contents are clearly visible With IP68 waterproof design and strict process, easily deal with daily waterproof such as washing hands, face, and rainy days.

At the back, there is the optical heart rate scanner and the two-point charging pins.

Features :

This device helps you monitor your heart rate, so you can ensure that your cardiovascular health doesn’t get affected. You can also easily record the duration and depth of your sleep with the utmost ease.

you’ll be notified of your text messages, calls, and even your sedentary status, among other things, once you pair it with your smartphone. Search for Phone feature helps you find your phone easily if you happen to misplace it.

The alarm clock feature causes this smartwatch to vibrate, helping you wake up on time without disturbing your partner. It also comes equipped with a stopwatch that helps you accurately track the time taken by you to do a certain task.

Battery :

The long-Lasting battery of up to 7 days and a standby time of 25days.

Specifications :

Brand - Lenovo
Screen Size - 1.3 Inches
Display Resolution - 1280 x 1024 (SXGA)
Item Weight - 45.4 g
Package Dimensions - 9 x 8 x 7 cm
Wireless Type - Bluetooth
Operating System - Android & iOS
Battery Life – Up to 7 days

Pros :
  1. The smartwatch has an Interchangeable strap
  2. Good build quality
Cons :
  1. Cumbersome UI navigation

6. Mi Smart Band 4 :

Introduction :

Mi Smart Band is also a very popular smartwatch in young generations. Because of its brand and also it's looking very handsome. This smartwatch is an affordable fitness band with 20 days of battery life from Xiaomi Brand. This smartwatch features a 39.9% larger than Mi Band 3 with an AMOLED color adjustable brightness display, which is nice to have. The Mi Smart Band 4 comes at a very cheap price according to other brands and it is too fit in this price range.

Display and Build Quality : 

The Mi Smart Band 4 features a 39.9% larger (than Mi Band 3) AMOLED color full-touch display with adjustable brightness, so everything is clear as can be. Compatible with Android 4.4 or later/iOS 9.0 or later.

The Mi Smart Band 4 has all its electronics in a plastic capsule that fits snugly into a silicone band. The base of the capsule has the heart rate sensor and pins for charging. 

Features :

Health and wellness tracking at its best with 24/7 automatic heart rating monitoring and alerts to warn you when the heart rate is high. With a sturdy 5ATM waterproof built, you can now take your band for a swim. It auto-detects your swim style and captures 12 detailed data points for tracking. 

With music control on the band, you can change the song, increase/decrease the volume, and groove on without even touching your phone.

Battery Life :

Up to 20 days of long-lasting battery life for uninterrupted performance.

Specifications :

Brand - Mi
Item Weight - 36.3 g
Product Dimensions - 4.7 x 1.8 x 1.3 cm
Wireless Type - Bluetooth
Hardware Platform - Android 4.4/iOS 9.0 or above
Battery Life: Up to 20 days

Pros :
  1. The AMOLED display is so beautiful and fairly bright
  2. You can set custom wallpaper
  3. The 20-day battery life
Cons :
  1. UI could have been better in this such a beautiful screen

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